Facebook loves to change the look and feel of its platform – often, to the social media marketer’s chagrin!

The newest format started rolling out to users in July. With the new columns taking up significantly more real estate, the new format requires increased scrolling through Facebook pages to access the familiar fields. While especially frustrating for business pages, not all hope is lost! The most recent changes provide yet another reason why upgrading to Facebook Business Manager will truly make your life easier.

Business Manager allows you to store all of your business assets in one place: your pages, ad accounts, ads manager, pixels, and even assigning various assets to different people managing your business page – both within your organization, as well as external agencies.

We work on our clients’ Facebook pages through Business Manager, as it provides a more seamless place to access all assets in one place. New to Facebook Business? We can help you navigate the tool, to make your life easier and more organized! Contact us today.

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